About Crystal Ball


Crystal Ball is an app created by Stockenja. At Stockenja, we recognize that the learning curve for traditional investing analysis is very steep. Furthermore, it is unclear how effective technical analysis and fundamental analysis are. Therefore, we created a probablistic engine to take in technical indicators and compute a probabilty of the stock movement. The goal is to help users to perform unbiased analysis on their behalf so that they can focus on other aspects of the investment evaluation.

One of the core unique selling point of our analytic tools is the ability to check the probability of a stock going up or down for any given time frame. For example, you can check the probability of Apple going up for 5 trading days (1 week) later, 40 trading days (2 months) later or even 504 trading days (2 years) later. Furthermore, Crystal Ball can return the average return for a given time frame and a given set of technical indicators. Another cool feature offered by Crystal Ball is the ability to make suggestions based on probability.

To understand more about how Crystal Ball works, please visit our "How It Works" page.

Are the probability accurate?

This question depends on the user. Based on our previous tests, we understand that the probability can only be accurate if you use it consistently for a long period of time (e.g. say 2 years). This is not a tool to help investors get rich quick. Rather, it is a tool to help you make more rational decision. The goal is to help users understand how long do they have to wait before they start making returns on their investments and the risk associated with each investment.

We do want to point out that our probability calculation and suggestions technology is still in its infancy. Users are encouraged to always consider fundamental reasons when looking at the probability. When both the probability and fundamentals align, we believe that it presents high reward low risk investment. There are a lot of improvements in the pipeline. Some of these improvements comes in the form of: (a) optimizing the best probability selection algorithm, (b) inclusion of fundamental indicators and more technical indicators, (c) improve suggestion algorithm and more.

You can rest assured that we will keep improving our probability and find other methods to forecast stock movements.

Is it free forever?

Yes. To be exact, we intend to offer features that are used by beginners to be free forever. Other more advanced features will be part of a subscription plan in the future. However, for now, our focus is to make Crystal Ball a great product before thinking more about monetizing.